Meta Invoker Introduction

Short Introduction: Invoker is the First multi-chain integrated Social Media platform dedicated to crypto users. Create a private community or group using built-in Smart Contracts or follow top crypto experts to stay updated. Share Memes with friends or Flex by showing off your collection of NFTs


Meta invoker is creating a dedicated social media platform for crypto users on the blockchain. Verify your community through NFT or Token, distribute your airdrops, and get rewarded for making great content through crypto.

Invoker is providing the favorite elements of Facebook, Twitter and discord and adding them to one place for the average crypto user. Project managers must be on multiple platforms to spread the word about their business, but regular users don't have to. The invoker will provide everything in one place.

There are many exciting features, One is to Create a new community using smart contracts without paying thousands in development. Everything is visualized so a nontech Founder can create or interact with a smart contract.

Treasury Allocation

Upon selling out of our initial mint (10k NFT assets):

  • 30% go directly to the development

  • 7.5% will go to servers cost

  • 2.5% will go to marketing

  • 60% will be reserved as burn away for 18 months

NFT Tiers

There are some unique NFTs in the collection but they don't have any impact on perks. They are simply used as an asset the investors buy from our business to secure their access to the protocol’s income distribution mechanism, as well as a medium of exchange if an investor wishes to leave the protocol, and as a means to track the wallet addresses to distribute income to.

Getting Started

Guides: Detailed introduction

Follow our handy guides to get started on what is Meta Invoker:

pageThe Problems with web3pageThe SolutionpageInsight

Good to know: If you have any questions, please Visit Roadmap page, you might find them there.

NFTs: Dive a little deeper

Learn the fundamentals of Meta Invoker to get a deeper understanding of our NFT features:

pageTokenomicspageWhat Perks do NFT holders will have access to?pageNFT UTILITIESpageWhat is the dividend pool?

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