What Perks do NFT holders will have access to?

Good to know: Perks will be unlocked as soon as the minting period ends. The perks will be available for lifetime.

Meta Invoker is a company from the people for the people. Instead of going for institutional seed funding, We decided to sell Membership through NFTs to get our financing. Now Why this route?

Let's say we have 10k nfts and each of them is minted. We have 5k Members holding 2 nfts each or 10k members holding 1 nft each. This creates an opportunity because we have a strong community backing us. We already have our beta testers, the early users and all this will save us thousands of dollars in marketing.

So do we use all that money to our benefit by selling membership?

Nope, we offer our nft holders utility behind our nfts in the form of:

  • Lifetime Passive income from Dividend pool

  • Lifetime Access to premium features

  • Lifetime Access to community Airdrops

  • Income share from All the future Dapps

  • Future NFT whitelist access

  • Access to community-held events

  • Golden Badge on the platform to show off early member status

We offer all perks for free and for a lifetime to our nft holders, Because we acknowledge your loyalty, Interest, and having our back from the start.

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