The Solution

1: A social media platform dedicated to Crypto users using Blockchain security and decentralized Freedom of speech

Would it be nice if you could do all these things in one place:

  1. Support your favorite project or Stay up to date about the overall market

  2. Share information/updates about your project

  3. Verify your community members through your NFT or Token

  4. Do AMAs or have a chat with your community

  5. Create a smart contract to build a new community through nfts or token

  6. A more visualized and non-tech-friendly interface

  7. Show off your NFTs collection to millions of users

  8. No more dealing with bots

  9. No more Scammers pretending to be Admins

  10. Just have fun overall while enjoying rewards and airdrops

2: Scammer Free space

Verification done directly through tokens or NFTs means no need for a phone or email verification. No more exploits of webhooks, Social engineering, and fake promotion posts from fake accounts.

3: User interaction & non-tech founders made Easy

Your favorite community can drop rewards directly to your wallet using our platform. Instead of going through multiple websites, Signup for Airdrops directly in Invoker.

No more looking at multiple social media websites, All the information is in one place.

Small business looking to create a crypto community or offer services & products for tokens?

Create nft smart contract, and users can buy it directly from the Meta invoker and join your community. All the funds go into your wallet safely and securely.

Everything is visualized so you can do the whole project by yourself. You are no more relying on developers and paying them thousands of dollars (which you can use to grow your business).

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